I do the same thing again and again ~ but differently each time.
Isamu Noguchi

In my “former” life, I painted animal portraits and landscapes. Although rewarding, I really didn’t enjoy the process. So about ten years ago I decided to take the plunge – I took an abstract painting course. I was hooked!

My art is instinctive, playful and colorful and my attraction to this type of expression is powerful. I refer to my technique as extreme doodling, which has been a part of me for as long as I can remember. Throughout my life after a telephone call, I would look down at the paper in front of me and find an intricate drawing which I had done during the call, never thinking that I would someday do this on purpose.

Without any specific plan, I usually start my pieces with random markings and a color or two of acrylic paint. Then I work in more colors and lines with oil pastel crayons called Caran d’arche (my favorite part of the process). All the while I apply lots of paper – taken from magazines, newspapers, catalogues, greeting cards and photographs. My unexplainable intuition leads me in placing my paint and paper next to one another. I keep fine tuning my strokes and colors until they feel right to me.

At first my pieces might appear to be complex but my work expresses a connected positive force. My “objects” give my art substance while the linear aspects move the viewer around the piece. My audience often finds unexpected characters residing in my art – not something that I intended – and that usually leads to some interesting interactions. I take great pleasure from that type of exchange and it reinforces my desire to create. My aspiration is that my artistic labor will lighten your heart as well.